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Organisation of school system in the country

What are schools allowed/not allowed to do

Schools responsibility:

     Hiring staff

     Which teacher gives subjects to which class


     Deciding wages

How is the grading system working?

During school year, students have to take small tests. On every test, the student gets a grade. In December and June, students take exams. At the end of June, all these marks are added to an overall mark for each subject. Then, teachers decide if the marks are good enough to go to the next year (student gets an A). If the student can go to the next year, but he has to change specialization, he gets a B. If the student has to double the same year, he gets a C.

How is the way to university (third level education) organized?

When a student graduates in the 6th year of a general or technical specialization (6 ASO or TSO), he gets the general certificate of education. With this certificate, he can go to university or college.
In vocational studies, pupils need to take an additional 7th year to earn the general certificate of education.


Organisation of our school


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