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Method & Rationale

An app that enables teachers to show and share the works of their pupil to promotes student motivation and collaboration using ICT.


  1. You register in symbaloo page: login (with gmail for instance)
  2. You upload your favourite webs pages that students will use for preparing the flipped classroom. (You just have to click on a square and go on with the instructions it gives to you.)
  3. A very important thing is to click the share buttom so everybody can see the symbaloo and the owner can modify it as well. And if you want to show it in a blog you will have to copy the long web direction that appears in your htlm blog's part.

Students Outcomes

   -   Improve your knowledge on a particular topic (as to be using in a flipped classroom)
   -   Show your peers and your teacher your work

Key Skills

   -   Follow Instructions
   -   Researching on the web
   -   Sharing works and efforts
   -   Active ICT working
   -   Problem Solving
   -   Working alone
   -   Working together


Phase 1: teacher and students register in symbaloo page
Phase 2: teacher uploads the materials to prepare the lesson (e.g. video)
Phase 3: All students bring their solutions to the platform, so everybody can see it

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