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Method & Rationale

Storyline is not an individual learning method itself, but it describes a possibility to combine lessons. It needs an overall topic that can be cut into some subtopics meaningful. It is very useable for topics, which can be done in several lessons (e.g. language and biology and mathematics)


Behind every lesson there is a story, which is developed over a longer time. The lessons so follow a “red line” – that’s why it is called storyline.
In best way Storyline-teaching deals with a topic, which is important for students and in which they already have personal experiences. It can be very simple topics like „sorting“ or „develop a model“ or  analyse solutions“. The overall topic should be divided into different parts, like the chapter of a book.
Guided by some assessments the students get closer and closer to the topic. Original this method used a lot more of creative components as nowadays, but it always leads to a result by the student, which may be a model, text, program or whatever.  It is only important that every solution is connected with the one before and gets closer to the topic.
If the methods works perfect, students create their own world meanwhile the lessons. They learn to create their own personal and social future. At the same time they train social skills, like working in teams, presenting a solution and so on.
That it can be used with students from 6 years up to adults is one of the most interesting details of this methods.

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