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Method & Rationale

This method is very useable for summarizing a topic at the end of a lesson or at the beginning of the next. The idea is to find a short version of the heard together. One student starts with saying one sentence. Another one add one sentence and so on. Each student also can take a veto against the sentence before too, if he/she thinks that the sentence was wrong.


One students is asked to take a protocol and writes down all correct sentences. If the methods runs well, this protocol can be disseminated to all students as learning material.
You can choose the order of the students in different ways:
   -   line them up in order of a surprising criteria (e.g. colour of dress, size of shoes, ..)

   -   if you have a very inhomogeneous group, you can take the weakest students first and let finish the strongest ones
   -   everybody can choose his place voluntarily
Irrespective of your order, it should not been clear to the students, who will start to early. That is why you should use names or sitting order.
The methods forces 100 % of the students to work with the topic. Besides this, everybody is strongly forced to listen to each other person concentrated, because he/she has to find a fitting sentence. No sentences is allowed to be used twice.


It is important to take enough time for this, because if you pass somebody to quick (because he is not able to find a sentence) all notorious „not-thinking-students“ will automatically stop working. If this methods works well depends on the number and strengthens of the students. You should not try it with more than 10 to 15 students, if they are weak not more than 7 to 10.

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