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Method & Rational

The groups-puzzle is a form of group work, which is very much suitable to big topics which are not hard to understand. On one hand she promotes the independent working of each student, on the other hand the working on and solving problems in groups. Last but not least all students are forced to present their results. Most time 100% of the students are involved in working.


To do this method, you need e.g. six quit equal texts, which cover a whole topic together. Then you group your students in groups to six persons and give one text to each of them.
First each student now reads his text and tries to understand it. Of course he is allowed to ask the teacher. You can help the students to work on the text, by giving them some questions to answer.
In a next step all students with the same text come together and talk about their subtopic. They can compare their solutions, discuss problems, find the most important information, etc. If it is necessary they can also prepare a short presentation for the next round.
Next round, everyone goes back to his first group and present his special subtopic to all members of this group.
Concluding the topic, each group prepares a learning material for all group members for the whole topic. Of course you can compare this once with other groups, but it is not necessary.
First step of this methods requires an individual work. Differences in quality of this work will be eliminated by the expert round. Third phase forces all pupils to present and to listen concentrated to others. Also they should motivate and support the presenting colleague if necessary. So this method also promotes a good class climate, as colleagues are not seen as a competitor.


Phase 1: individual working
Phase 2: expert group
Phase 3: presentation in the first group

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