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Method & Rationale

This method is very meaningful to repeat or strengthen topics. Therefor you prepare to quite similar tests, which show teachers and students, how good the topic have been understood.


First all students, except some “experts” do one of the tests as a simple inquiry of their knowledge. The “experts” are students who are already very familiar with the topic. They can either be chosen by the teacher, or can enlist themselves. The do not do the test, but do a solution, discuss possible problems and weak points.
After this, class is divided into as many groups as experts. Each expert now goes through the test by using the solution. He explains his group their problems. His work is very efficient, because it is only a small group and he can discuss every individual problem.
When every group is ready, the next test is done by all students, inclusive the experts. Depending on the increase of the results, learning success can be seen directly.
Dealing with the topic in different ways (test, discussion, test) makes a high learning success possible- think about learning start with the third repetition. This method also is suitable for competitions. The group which reaches the highest amount of increase in between the first and the second test will be the best.
Durch das mehrfache Durchgehen des Stoffes (Test, Besprechung, Test) ist ein hoher Lernerfolg möglich  - Lernen beginnt bei der dritten Wiederholung! Die Methode eignet sich auch als Wettkampf: es gewinnt jene Gruppe, die vom ersten zum zweiten Test die größte Verbesserung aufweisen kann.


Phase 1: test and experts conference
Phase 2: discussion and explanation
Phase 3: second test
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