Description SMILE

SMILE – Smart Methods and Ideas of learning in Europe – is an ERASMUS+ project between five participating schools (Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Sweden).
The major project idea is
            “No child left behind”.
This is the most important part of the policy of all participating schools. We shared all of our experiences to tackle this problem and we shared all of our produced results.
The “No child left behind” policy at our schools focusses on 2 major objectives:
These two major objectives were organized as two separate subprojects – ESL (Early School Leaving) and IL (Individualised Learning), in which methods for tackling and addressing this objectives are shared, implemented and evaluated.
In Subproject ESL, facts and figures related to Early School Leaving were measured and collected.


In a second step different IL-methods were defined, implemented, categorized and evaluated, which should provide all pupils (not only those in danger of dropping out early) with the possibility to learn in the learning style which fits them best.
Beside of these both subprojects we forced long term pupil mobilities among the participating schools as a part of the school policies (Internationalization).
Due to all these activities the teacher’s motivation should be increased.

Mentor Teachers Erasmus programme (English version) on Biteable.

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