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Organisation of school system in the country

One of the Austrian school system´s core features is that “many roads lead to Rome.” In other words, there are diverse ways of obtaining a Reifeprüfung/ A-level diploma or an equivalent certificate providing access to University education.

The Austrian school system is divided into three main categories; elementary, lower secondary and upper secondary education. School education starts at the age of 6 and is compulsory for nine years.

Organisation of our school:

A Description of our School

The College of Software Engineering (Höhere)

 ...lasts for 5 years and provides the students with:

General education leading to a Matura / A-Level degree that grants admission to University and Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen)

A theoretical background and comprehensive practical training in the field of  informatics, software engineering and business organisation

The students acquire a sound knowledge of software engineering, database systems, network structures, the planning and handling of projects (especially in software development), accounting and business organisation.

Practical experience is gained through participation in various internal and external projects with different companies which also have to be documented in the form of a diploma thesis.

To apply their programming and technical skills, students also have to do mandatory work placements of at least eight weeks in different companies.

The students are trained to be, for example, software engineers, project engineers, systems analysts, database and web designers, IT managers etc.


The VET School of IT (Fachschule)

…lasts for 3.5 years and provides the students with:

general education leading to a final exam which is acknowledged as an equivalent to an apprenticeship

a theoretical background and comprehensive practical training in the field of hardware, network technology, electronics and media technology

Apart from general education and theoretical input, there is a great focus on practical training in electronics workshops and computer labs. Students also deal with measurement control and regulation technology, operational use of data processing and basics of business organisation and accounting.

In their final year, they have to do a 15-week work placement in the IT departments of a company.

The students are trained to be IT technicians, systems administrators, network and service technicians, etc.

Following statistic data are from February 2016:


Curricula per year

College for Software Engineering


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