In the last three years, five European schools, a Belgian, a Swedish, an Irish, a Spanish and an Austrian one performed an Erasmus+ project called SMILE. The aim of this project was to motivate students as well as teachers. As the name SMILE (Smart Methods and Ideas of Learning in Europe) says, it should also rise the graduation rate. Moreover, the education in school should be more individualised. Therefore, some different learning methods were created and tested.
Individual pupil mobility was a significant part of the project. All involved schools not only sent as many students as possible abroad, they also had to support and include students from abroad in their schools. The students, who attended the project were sent to the other schools for two or three months. Furthermore, they had some lessons where they could learn additional subjects to stick on their school career.
A major part of this student exchange project consisted not only of improving the English skills, but also in getting acquainted with a new country, a new language, a new school system and a new culture.
It is naturally, that such a long and international project needs an own project organisation group. This group met each other once a year to talk about the further approach.
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